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2018 Summer Sports Camp

2018 Summer Sports Camp
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The Etobicoke Huskies-Striders Track & Field Club will be holding their Summer Sports Camp for the thirteenth straight year in the summer of 2018. This Sports Camp offers a unique opportunity in Centennial Stadium, for children to develop, and improve, their skills in Running and Track & Field; and enjoy fun afternoons; swimming, playing soccer, baseball, water balloon football and other fun activities to complement and supplement their morning exercises; all under the constant supervision of our qualified and experienced team of instructors and supervisors. Stay tuned for details of the nine weekly sessions running from July to Aug 31st, 2018.



What will your child do and learn?        

Cover basic and advanced techniques for Track & Field: Sprints (60m/100m,200m, sprint drills, strength development, starting blocks), middle distance (400/800m), long distance and cross country techniques, jumps (high jump, long jump, triple jump), relays (baton exchanges), Throws (shot-put, discus & javelin) * For safety reasons, foam and rubber throwing implements are use.

Afternoons - Sports Mix:
Afternoons consist of different team-building sports such as soccer, baseball, touch football, sponge-ball, swimming, other camp games, and supplementary training for those that wish to complement the mornings activities, and:

Special Outings:
Once a week, nearly always on Thursdays we take a much needed break from rigors of a full week of athletics to go on a meaningful excursion: Transportation & admission fees are included. A great deal and a wonderful educational and/or exciting experience for every child.  

We hold a fun mini-meet, testing some of the things we learned during the week. Awards for nearly everyone, based on 2 year age brackets. 

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2018 Summer Sports Camp-Two page brochure 
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Also see the Tentative Excursions planned for each week (click below)

2018 Summer Camp Excursions

  - included with weekly camp sessions


2017 Summer Sports Camp:

We had a very successful 2017 summer sports camp last year, enjoyed by all, and capped off as usual on our very last day of the summer, with our season ending mini-track meet.

Our ' 2017 Summer Camp Mini-Meet' which was held on the last Friday of  summer camp on September 1, was a well attended, fun-filled day of competition and camaraderie. The campers were able to test the skills they learned at camp, in running, jumping & throwing events, and interested campers were invited to join our regular year round club membership.



The time has come to gear up for this year's camp. Comments welcome. See you there!

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