Etobicoke Huskies/Striders
Track & Field

Vision Mission Statement


The Etobicoke Huskies-Striders Track & Field Club, are lead by a dedicated group of individuals with expertise in track & field training and coaching work as a team to create a performance-focused environment, conducive to the development of track and field athletes of all ages and abilities.


We exist: 

  • as a permanent not-for-profit organization;
  • to be a leading track & field club that fosters and maintains an enjoyable atmosphere and a high community profile;
  • to create and provide an environment that develops young track and field athletes to achieve their ultimate performance potential;
  • to contribute to each athlete’s personal growth;
  • to provide an environment that promotes the improvement of our coaches and assists in providing opportunities for the mentoring and growth of new and existing coaches;
  • to demonstrate and execute our commitment to the highest principles of integrity, honesty, and fair play; and,
  • to promote a healthy lifestyle, and the common interest of our members, athletes and coaches.


  • to be recognized as one of the top track & field clubs in Ontario and Canada;
  • to be recognized as a strong leader and contributor to Provincial, National and International track & field programs, as well as community and high school programs;
  • to develop the ‘youth’ of our club, towards participative and competitive involvement; and
  • to continue to develop and mentor our coaches.
  • to provide each athlete with the opportunity to achieve personal bests; and
  • to provide each coach with the opportunities to improve and broaden their experience at all levels.
  • to assist with the promotion and development of the sport of track & field;
  • to support the viability and permanence of this organization; and
  • to ensure the delivery of efficient and responsive operational services to athletes and coaches.